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Apologize WHEN Appropriate.

Too often presenters begin an address with a series of ineffective apologies that distract the audience.

A laundry list of apologies does not make an effective welcoming statement. If you feel the need to apologize for your public speaking ability save your breath. Unnecessary apologies only undermine your authority on the topic at hand.  When there is a valid reason to apologize to your audience then do so but don’t linger there; apologize once and move on. Your audience has set aside this time for your Strategic Message and is prepared to hear from you. Give them what they came for!

Not sure how to start your presentation? Ask an experienced Communication Coach for advice. Your presentation starts from your walk to the podium. Rehearse from your entrance; that is the beginning. Be prepared!

Being asked to speak publicly about your area of expertise is regarded as a testament to your work. However, being an expert on a topic that others want to hear about does not automatically prepare you to be an expert public speaker. In fact the invitation often creates serious speaker’s anxiety for the presenter.

For 25 years Hunt Communication has been leading individuals and teams of professionals to prepare and deliver their presentations effectively.   Let us do the same for you.

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