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Proprietary In-House Advanced Communication Workshops

Corporate communication needs to be effective, efficient and engaging if it is going to be successful. In turn, successful business communication builds trust, influences change and drives results.

For more than 25 years, Hunt Communication has worked with major organizations all over the world to help individuals and groups sharpen their communication skills through customized group training.

Our communication workshops are designed for emerging leaders, management and executives. Participants have the opportunity to learn the principles of effective communication and apply them immediately as they revise and develop their own communication. They also receive individual coaching and feedback on content, delivery and style.

Participants learn advanced skills that will immediately improve all types of communication and drive their success. To ensure continued success each participant receives guidance and feedback on a personal development plan.

Our communication experts continually update our proprietary workshops, based on ever-evolving business communication needs. Customization is available through collaboration with the client as required.

Our unparalleled programming focuses on our core modules

Strategic Messaging for Better Results
Become a Confident & Commanding Speaker
Visual Communication
Stacking the Deck
Interactive Communication
Deliver & Defend a Strong Communication

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Persuasive Communication

The key to a successful outcome in any kind of corporate communication is building the message around the audience, rather than around the presenter. Using specific, proven principles, Hunt Communication  helps participants create and deliver messages that establish credibility, identify common ground with the intended audience and connect with them at an emotional level.


Stacking the Deck - Creating & Crafting a High Impact Deck

Take heart: There is a better way to create PowerPoint presentations. The first thing most presenters do is to open the software and start creating slides . . . which is a mistake. Used wisely, a PowerPoint deck allows a presenter to reinforce and support the message, and helps the audience to remember it. If abused, it can undermine both goals. Hunt Communication helps participants create appropriate and effective presentations that serve the audience’s needs and achieve the presenter’s purpose. After determining the right message, participants learn how to represent it most effectively in a formal presentation deck. The result is a powerful, easy-to-grasp visual expression of important ideas and information that focuses attention on key issues and supports decisive action.

This is a prerequisite to the Communicate with Confidence workshop.


Communicate with Confidence - Deliver & Defend a Strong Communication

The best communication can be destroyed by a poor delivery or an inability to effectively manage questions.  There are “Three Vs” of a powerful presentation style – the visual (what the audience sees), vocal (what the audience hears) and verbal (how the message sounds aloud to the audience).  Hunt Communication coaches participants on the specific areas they can improve when it comes to their vocal, verbal and visual presentation style. The result is confident, authentic and engaging speakers.

Crafting and delivering an effective presentation is step one. Being prepared to respond to questions or objections is equally important. If not handled effectively, questions from the audience can reduce the impact of the presentation, sabotage credibility, undermine the message, and ultimately inhibit the desired outcome. Using proven content and delivery techniques to respond to even the most unexpected and grueling questions will help to ensure the entire presentation is a success.

Stacking the Deck is a prerequisite to this workshop.

Strategic Messaging

Communication can only succeed when its objective is crystal clear, and the message used to convey that objective is easy to understand and to follow. Truly effective communication will also take into account the needs and interests of the audience to ensure maximum impact and buy-in. Hunt Communication excels in helping leaders craft clear, persuasive messages that stand out from the vast quantity of undifferentiated information regularly inundating decision-makers.

Delivery Skills

A strong delivery substantially enhances the impact of a presentation; a weak one greatly undermines it. One cannot ignore research indicating that about 90% of what audiences retain comes from the speaker’s delivery of the material, making the time polishing a presentation a must. Hunt Communication provides participants with practical, focused one-on-one coaching that significantly improves their ability to lead meetings or make presentations. Facilitators help participants overcome apprehensions and remove physical and verbal habits that detract from the message. The immediate, demonstrable improvements result in a more confident and commanding speaker.

Corporate Storytelling

Successful leaders recognize the value of narrative in helping an audience absorb and remember messages and ideas. Stories are also a key ingredient in defining and differentiating an organization. They can persuade and inspire and, ultimately, shape and change actions and behaviours. By getting to the core of the organization’s message, Hunt Communication helps participants craft simple but powerful narratives that reach the audience on an emotional level and build support for the desired outcome.

Communication Skills for Women

Communication skills are essential for all leaders, but studies have shown that women’s careers are more likely to be impaired by gender differences in communication styles. Hunt Communication works with women executives and leaders to help them overcome their communication challenges through the use of practical, focused techniques that will make them more effective in achieving their desired objectives.

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