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Toronto, ON M5R 2K3

Individual Coaching Programs

Hunt Communication provides individual coaching programs to executives of major organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. These programs provide practical, immediately applicable techniques that develop skills and improve presentations.

Skill Development

Professionals entering a new stage in their career often find that their role now requires them to communicate in a wide range of challenging forums such as town halls, board meetings and annual general meetings. Rather than reporting, they are now reassuring, inspiring, providing accountability and motivating. Hunt Communication’s proven methodology helps them make the transition with authority. Expert facilitators guide the client, usually in 10 to 12 hours over several months, through a process that matches their personal style with the new communication objectives to build an authentic connection with the audience.

Skill development coaching programs are customized to the needs of the client—while most want insight and advice related to communicating in new arenas, others want to advance their communication skills to match their new role, while still others want to develop their communication as a leadership trait. Coaching helps each client become more confident and comfortable, and, as a result, more authentic and compelling.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Leadership Communications
  • Executive Presence & Influencing Skills
  • “To the Point” Communication
  • Interview Skills, Deck Development
  • Preparing for Panel Discussions

Presentation Preparation

As they rise in their field, executives often take on a more public role: speaking at conferences; participating in panel discussions; and, taking on other speaking engagements on behalf of their company or industry. When speaking opportunities arise time is often limited and a successful performance is mandatory, which is where Hunt Communication comes in. Experts spend whatever time is necessary to prepare presenters to be at their best when delivering their message. Even the most seasoned executives rely on Hunt’s experience and professionalism to help them prepare to take the stage and speak naturally and effectively. For some presenters, the process starts with constructing the message and continues through coaching on delivery; for others, it simply involves rehearsing with a coach to ensure the strongest possible performance. Satisfied clients say that Hunt’s customized approach can make a world of difference in just a few hours.