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We’ve Gone Virtual!

How does our highly regarded in-person training translate to a world where office life has been upended? Extremely well, as it turns out.

After months of scrambling just to get by, our clients told us they needed help adapting their communication methods to the new reality. In response, we developed effective ways to deliver the same powerful training in a virtual setting. We’ve tested our online group modules, one-to-one coaching and supervised peer exchanges with clients in Canada, Europe and Asia.

While we still believe in-person training is the best option, until it’s possible again, a virtual model offers multiple advantages:

  • Flexible timing of group training blocks
  • Longer periods to complete assignments before getting feedback
  • Convenient scheduling of one-to-one coaching
  • Lower travel costs

Post-session surveys confirmed we’re on the right track:

  • 95% rated the value of the training highly
  • 83% would recommend these programs
  • 87% gained new skills and knowledge
  • 87% found the programs interactive and dynamic
  • 88% said the duration was appropriate

This is what participants said:

Great to get some guidance on how to communicate in a virtual environment.

Contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about the Hunt Virtual Classroom.

Choose the Training Modules Your Team Needs

Strategic Messaging

Get to the point and support it effectively.
(Applicable to spoken and written communication.)

Digital Storytelling

Create PowerPoint decks people actually pay attention to.

Communicate with Confidence

Develop a strong, authentic communication style and manage challenges with authority.

Executive Storytelling

Make your messages resonant and memorable.

Virtual Communications

Get the most out of your virtual meetings.

Speaking from Experience

Be heard, make a positive impact, and be remembered.

Communication for Emerging Leaders

Ensure your view is understood and respected.

Writing with Impact

Boost credibility with clear, crisp written communication.