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Improving Communication – after the presentation

A large part of improving your communication skills comes after you leave the podium. A great way to improve is to get feedback on what you said and how you came across. If you are able to have someone regularly complete the assessment below then you will be able to build a tremendously helpful ongoing evaluationĀ of your progress. Scores of 1-3 are where you want to target efforts for improvement. A free 15 minute consultation with Elizabeth Hunt is available if you’d like some help creating a plan to improve. Click HERE to sign up now.

General Communication Assessment

For each question please rate the performance on a scale of 1-5

1) strongly disagree

2) disagree

3) neutral/no opinion

4) agree

5) strongly agree

  1. demonstrates a confident physical presence
  2. makes good eye contact with the audience
  3. started with a strong opening section
  4. used minimal interjections (um, uh etc)
  5. does not use distracting movements and/or gestures
  6. speaks with authority
  7. appears engaged with the audience
  8. appears committed to the message
  9. uses comfortable speaking rate
  10. speaks loudly and clearly
  11. uses pauses effectively

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