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Minaz Abji: An Outstanding Leader

It was an honour to attend a retirement party recently for one of my most impressive clients and a true leader. Minaz Abji left Uganda to escape the regime of Idi Amin. He arrived in Canada and started at an entry level job in the hotel business. In the years since then, he’s had a stellar career.

Minaz Abji: An Outstanding Leader

He was a visionary. As EVP of Asset Management at Host Hotels & Resorts, he was responsible—among many other things—for the annual Best in Class meeting for hotel general managers. In my experience, this was the gold standard of global meetings. Minaz used these sessions to introduce bold new ideas, usually well before they surfaced in other industries.

His ideas were truly innovative and the source of some of the best practices in the hotel industry. Participants valued these meetings so highly that they were seen as “mustn’t-miss” occasions.

Minaz was never satisfied with okay. In everything he did, he worked to ensure better.

I’ll miss working with him but will watch with great anticipation and excitement as he enters the next important stage in his already magical life.

Congratulations Minaz.

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