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Noble Posture: Be Heard!!

Noble posture is a term that describes a desired physical stature, the one in which your voice will sound its best. It is the opposite of a slouch, but neither is it a rigid at-attention stance. This is the posture of an operatic soprano who looks quite ordinary on stage, but when she opens her mouth, magically sends out an enormous sound that can be heard over the baritone and a full orchestra without any amplification.

Here’s what noble posture looks and feels like.  Read through the description and then try it for yourself to get a sense of how you should be holding your body.

  • Feet are parallel with equal weight on each foot, giving you good support.
  • Knees are “soft,” meaning they are not locked or hyper-extended backward, but neither are they quite bent.
  • Shoulders are broad, not curled or thrust back.
  • Chest-the area between the collarbone and the navel- feels wide and expansive; breathing is easy, not forced or shallow.
  • Head should feel as if it is being lifted at the crown while the chin remains perpendicular to the chest.

When all these elements are in place, you have achieved noble posture, which gives you a sense of openness in the upper body.  Once you get the hang of this posture it feels as if your upper body is floating and that the lower body is simply there as support.  As you walk around a room you should feel as if you are almost walking on air.

Try it and let me know what you think.

You will find this and other useful tips in Your Voice Matters by Elizabeth Hunt.

Your Voice Matters by Elizabeth Hunt

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