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Create your Sales Presentation – The Perfect Pitch!

WEConnect Canada published a great summary of our Perfect Pitch workshop!

Perfect Pitch is our hands-on workshop that teaches participants how to create a sales presentation to be used when pitching a product or service to clients.

During this interactive session participants learn how to create communications that consistently and clearly get their points across to their audiences in a clear, compelling and credible manner.  It also teaches techniques to engage and connect with the audience.

Among the critical skills the participants learn are how to:

  • Identify the central message and state it clearly
  • Organize ideas so the central message is well supported
  • Organize ideas to direct and shape how the audience interprets the message
  • Adapt the message to connect to the important needs, interests and preferences of a particular audience
  • Use appropriate language and evidence to gain buy-in and commitment
  • Choose the right level of supporting information to strengthen the position without losing the audience in details and qualifiers
  • Develop strong & compelling openings

Deliver with confidence

To find out more visit the LEARN section of Connexions, June Review 2013.

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